Mark & Zulmita Kennicott

Mark & Zulmita Kennicott

Mark & Zulmita

Pastor Mark Kennicott has been married to Zulmita for over 28 years and has been involved in various aspects of the ministry for 30 years. Together they have four children (Zachary, Joshua, Elena, and Elisa).  He attended Crown College in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication and two master’s degrees, one in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation and a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Pastoral Leadership.

From Pastor Mark’s perspective, pastoring is not simply about building a church, it’s about advancing a kingdom, nurturing disciples who make disciples. One of his greatest joys is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people and then watch as God transforms their lives from the inside out.  In addition to pastoring, Mark serves as an adjunct professor for Crown College and as an English Language Arts Teacher for Leesburg High School. In 2018 he published his first book, Where Virtue Flows.  Mark spends his time investing in people, enjoying quality time with his family, and pursuing recreational activities such as rock climbing and disc golf.

​Pastor Mark and Sister Zulmita love God, love God’s Word, and love people, and they especially love when all three of these converge in worship, in service, and in community.  They are excited about what God has in store for Living Rivers Church and they invite you to join them on the journey!

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