Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Mission Statement

To provide anointed, effective and purposeful ministry to deliver help to the hopeless, healing to the sick, friendship to the outcasts, joy to the broken-hearted, release to those in bondage, necessities to the needy and, most importantly, salvation to the seeker.

Our Desire

To provide a welcoming atmosphere and peaceful place for the residents of Lake County and surrounding areas to grow spiritually and to relax into the provision of God for their lives.

Our Mission

To introduce as many people as we can to a full understanding of God’s love, and lead them to a complete realization of God’s desire to be close and provisional to His believers.

Our Commission

To use every opportunity to take the message of repentance, baptism and God’s indwelling spirit to seekers in our area, and to experience with them the joyous benefits of their resulting relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To be a positive part of the fabric of beautiful Lake County, bringing good things to our neighbors and fellow citizens, and to be a vivid example of righteousness, selflessness and Christianity.

Our Calling

To flow to the need of our community, and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through dynamic preaching, lively praise, anointed music, inspiring teaching, soulful worship, vital fellowship and by a deep understanding of the JOY that was set before Jesus on his Cross as he was sacrificed for our sins.

Our Message

God so so so loves mankind, and He awaits our response to His invitation for a close relationship with Him. He so loves us that He sent Jesus to live on earth (to minister to the needs of mankind and to reflect the nature of God), die on the cross (as a sinless sacrifice for payment for our sins), rise from the tomb (as the only victor over death, Hell and the grave), and to be resurrected (to go and prepare a Heavenly place for us).

Our Hope

In Jesus and Him alone.